What Our Clients Say

Thank you for the referral and timely “action item” in working towards diagnosis confirmation and healing of my inquires! I truly appreciate it! I was actually shocked by it … lol but after today and the 3 hrs. you took with My sister and I and in your thorough investigations of “connecting all the dots” and wonderful knowledge …  I shouldn’t be!

I can’t express my appreciation for your insightful mind and heart for your patients!  In all my life experiences I have never experienced a professional doctor so intent on finding the root cause of the problem and addressing it and instead of symptom managing, skipping , ignoring or and staying in the box!  Thank you so much!



This patient had seen 25 other doctors for her injuries before seeing me. This is what our clinic is all about.

  • Dr. Wagner is by far one of the most knowledgeable and skilled chiropractic physicians in the entire Portland area... He is great at adjusting and just great all around at what he does.

    Chad W.
  • Highly recommend Dr. Wagner and his team. I had a special case of an injury, Dr. Wager did extensive research to have a specialized treatment for my case.

    Kristina M.
  • No words in the world can describe how amazing Stephen Wagner and his crew are, the warmth , the kindness of their hearts , the sincerity of their smiles and kind words every single time. ★★★★★

    Marichka M.