Misdiagnosed Somatoform Disorder

Misdiagnosis of Somatoform Disorder

A 14-year-old girl was a rear seat passenger involved in a frontal motor vehicle crash (MVC).

Concussion Misdiagnosis Example - Apparent Whiplash Concussion

Concussion Misdiagnosis Example

A woman in her mid-30s was rear-ended. There was not a lot of damage to the rear of her vehicle, and many were shocked that she was suffering symptoms of early confusion, dizziness, headaches, and neck pain. She remembers struggling in the grocery store shortly after the crash and had trouble completing her thoughts. In […]

Concussion Misdiagnosis - concussion differential diagnosis

The Misdiagnosis of Concussion

Here is a scenario that is repeated thousand times per day in doctor’s offices across this country:

Medical Imaging - misdiagnosis

What if it’s not a brain injury?

You walk into any clinic and describe symptoms of a concussion. The diagnosis will be, “You’ve had a traumatic brain injury.” But what if there are other medical conditions that produce the same symptoms?

Posterior LX Pain

When to see a chiropractor for pain from a car crash

Motor vehicle crashes can injure numerous areas of the body and cause various types of pain. While many of us associate pain as a “ouch” type of feeling, it can also be experienced as an abnormal tightness, pulling, or pressure sensation. Sometimes it causes pain in areas that can be hard to describe and localize […]

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